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STROME Agricultural Products Ltd.
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  • Mushroom Compost - $10.00 per tonne
  • Calcium Ag Lime - $22.50 per tonne
  • Dolomatic Ag Lime - $16.50 per tonne
  • Marl - $28.00 per tonne
  • Kalime - $66.00 per tonne
  • Gypsum
  • Spanish River Carbonatite
  • Organic Liquid Fish
  • Animal Bedding Sand
  • Screenings
  • Chips
  • Crusher Run
  • Clear Ston
  • River Stone
  • Top Soil
  • Play Sands
  • Brick and Masonry Sands

Organic Certificates, Current Lab Analysis and/or ingredient lists available upon request


STROME Agricultural Products Ltd.

Neil Strome
PO BOX 882, St.George ON, N0E 1N0

Cell (905) 981-0175
Res (519) 448-3401 


Soil Solutions Plus:



Soil Solutions Plus and SSP are references to Soil Solutions Plus Inc. PO BOX 1003 St. George Brant Ontario, N0E 1N0

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